13 Chicago Officers Injured in Downtown Looting, Mayhem

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13 Chicago #Police Officers Injured in Downtown #Looting, Mayhem | #ESC_LLC #Lawlessness | According to the Chicago Tribune, more than 100 people were arrested during the mayhem. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, “What occurred in our downtown and surrounding communities was abject criminal behavior, pure and simple. And there cannot be any excuse for it. Period.”

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Signage that warns of video surveillance is important in retail for two reason: 1) crime prevention, and 2) legal issues.

Cameras Help Deter Criminality As Well As Catch Criminals

ESC Logo #1 (image)Having video can mean the difference between catching a criminal and letting them go without a chance of finding out who they are. In a situation like this, not only can we save the video on site, but also remotely in what is called a Cloud-based VaaS (Video as a Service). And where money is an issue, you have the option of simply saving relevant images in the Cloud only.

By using a Vaas, you pay a monthly charge for the service as oppose to paying a good bit of money up front to purchase a sizable DVR (Digital Video Recorder)  or a NVR (Network Video Recorder). The cameras and wiring inside  your facility will have to be purchased up front, however.

Al Colombo, ESC Director of Media Relations (image)If  you are considering the Vaas route, feel free to contact ESC today for a no-obligation house call by one of our professionals sales engineers. Call today at 614-754-1393 or use the convenient contact form below: