162 Lose Lives in Supper Club Fire

162 Lose Lives in Supper Club Fire (Fire Engineering - Image)

Fire Engineering (logo - image)162 Lose Lives in Supper Club Fire | #ESC_LLC | In the largest loss of life fire since the Cocoanut Grove 35 years ago, 162 persons lost their lives when fire swept through the huge Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Ky., last May 28. In addition, more than 100 persons, including several fire fighters, suffered smoke inhalation and burns (fireengineering). https://wp.me/p97JNV-1Fn

Southgate, a small bedroom community just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, is. protected by 60 volunteer fire fighters manning a 750 and a 1000-gpm pumper, a light rescue van and an ambulance. The department averages 80 fire calls a year. There hadn’t been a fire fatality in recent memory.

History Matters! (image)“Progress made in fire protection rides on the tragic mistakes of the past, like with the Cocoanut Grove fire. The history of fire safety is littered with literally thousands of deaths, and unfortunately that’s how we learn,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.