The Autocall 4007ES panel brings addressability and advanced Autocall performance to smaller facilities. We’ve packed a host of value-added features—like networking, multi-hazard suppression release, building system integration, addressable notification technology, and a color touchscreen display—into a compact, cost-effective package.


  • The perfect fire alarm system for small to mid-sized buildings (up to 250 points).
  • Can be networked with other Autocall fire alarm panels and graphical workstations.
  • Agency-Listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications.
  • Computer port protocol support enables integration with other building systems.
  • 4.3 in. (10.9 cm) color touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation
  • Flexible wiring infrastructure makes upgrading and expanding systems easier and more cost-effective.
  • Convenient USB port simplifies the transfer of panel information and programming.
  • Programmable End of Line Resistor configuration means it’s easier to retrofit existing systems and eliminates the need to find and replace installed resistors.
  • Built-in addressable notification capability provides unobtrusive self-testing, programmable candela settings and per point identification of all alarm and fault conditions.

With a streamlined design, small footprint, and excellent flexibility, the Autocall 4007ES is a powerful solution for a wide variety of projects including: primary or secondary schools, small to mid-size office buildings, libraries, retail shops, small healthcare facilities, small buildings on a campus, and small multi-tenant residential facilities.

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