The Autocall 4010ES fire alarm system is a highly flexible and powerful 1,000-point addressable analog system for small- to mid-sized facilities. Points can be used in any combination of sensors, modules, manual stations or control points as needed to meet the requirements of each building.

The 4010ES supports labor-saving features and tools for installation and commissioning, such as device-level ground fault isolation and the handheld TrueStart meter, which can troubleshoot detection and notification loops to help ensure there are no grounds, shorts, opens, duplicate device addresses or cross talk issues before the panel is brought on site or powered up. Almost dirty smoke sensor status reports and self-testing for notification appliances allow for proactive maintenance to be scheduled simultaneously to help eliminate unwanted nuisance alarms for owners and end-users.


  • Addressable control panel for mid-range applications.
  • Efficient operation and flexible design.
  • Networkable with 4007ES and 4100ES control panels.
  • Compatible with TrueAlarm sensors and TrueAlert ES addressable notification appliances.

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