The 4100ES Cabinet is available with one, two or three bays (two bay cabinet shown in this photo).

4100ES Addressable Fire Detection and Control Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications

4100ES Series Fire Detection and Control Panels provide extensive installation, operator, and service features with point and module capacities suitable for a wide range of system applications. An on-board Ethernet port provides fast external system communications to expedite installation and service activity. Dedicated compact flash memory archiving provides secure on-site system information storage of electronic job configuration files.

Modular design

A wide variety of functional modules are available to meet specific system requirements. Selections allow panels to be configured for either Stand-Alone or Networked fire control operation. InfoAlarm Command Center options provide convenient expanded display content (detailed on data sheet AC4100-0045).

TrueAlarm System Operation

Addressable device communications include operation of TrueAlarm smoke and temperature sensors. Smoke sensors transmit an output value based on their smoke chamber condition and the CPU maintains a current value, peak value, and an average value for each sensor. Status is determined by comparing the current sensor value to its average value. Tracking this average value as a continuously shifting reference point filters out environmental factors that cause shifts in sensitivity.

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The 4100ES Audio System

Provides voice communication, alarm tones, and/or digitally prerecorded voice messages to alert occupants of fire or other emergency situations. Evacuation signaling may be automatically generated via alarm initiated event programs or by firefighting personnel using the operator controls.

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