False alarm fine stuns Cape Coral new homeowner

False alarm fine stuns Cape Coral new homeowner. Now, here’s what she owes | #ESC_LLC #FalseAlarm #Police #Fire | First-time homeowners are hit with a surprise bill. They said Cape Coral Police Dept. charged the for a false alarm on their new security system.

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Jessica Feickert moved to Cape Coral a few months ago with her 2-year-old son and fiance. It is their first home. For safety reasons, they got an alarm system with Xfinity.

Feickert told WINK News the installer said she needed to register the alarm with Lee County. However, the company told her it would register for them. Turns out that did not happen.

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ESC Offers Inspection to Curb False Alarm Fines | #ESC_LLC #FalseAlarm #Police #FireDepartment #Security | No one likes false alarms, especially when there’s a heavy fine by a local police or fire department. ESC will inspect the burglar alarm in your business and will offer suggestions on how to curb unwanted alarms. Call 614-754-1393, email ESC@tpromo.com, or http://bit.ly/2LkfvU1