All Corners of U.S. Represented at Domestic Violence Familiarity Training

All Corners of U.S. Represented at Domestic Violence Familiarity Training | #ESC_LLC #DomesticViolence #Family #Report | Representatives from Guam all the way to Puerto Rico traveled to the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center to talk about the numerous elements of domestic violence that surface and how they can enhance the process in their court systems, especially for victims. (Please scroll down)

The program, hosted by the Center for Court Innovation, was a three-day seminar aimed at exposing court administrators and personnel to as much information as possible about the complexities of domestic violence and sharing their experiences. With the pilot venture, the organizers are hopeful to implement the forum as a model to be used around the country.

“We’ve made a lot of assumptions over the years as to why people who experience domestic violence, why they stay, why they make the decisions that we don’t think are consistent with someone who needs help, and we need to do a better job of training our staff, and people we come in contact with, these nuances,” said Javoyne Hicks, the clerk of court for DeKalb County, near Atlanta.

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