Small fire contained at Rhodes Tower

Small fire contained at Rhodes Tower | | #ESC_LLC #Fire # # | Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin said there was a small fire in a server room on the 36th floor of the building.

A sprinkler system helped put the fire out before most of the firefighters arrived on the scene, Martin said.

[picture of fire]
A small fire in a computer server room was quickly contained
Wednesday morning at the Rhodes Tower.

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“Without sprinklers in the Rhodes Tower, I’m sure that the outcome of this tragic event would have been much worse than it is. Detecting a fire is the bottom line to evacuation and thus life safety, but sprinkler protection takes it a step further by putting out the fire, which limits the damage that a fire can do,” says John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner. “ESC not only installs and services fire alarm systems, but we also put the fire out by way of the quality, effective fire protection systems that we install and service. Check out our sprinkler page, and thank you for visiting us on our website!”

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