Beware the Home Appliance Repair Scam

Beware the Home Appliance Repair Scam | #ESC_LLC #Service #Appliance #Scam | Your dishwasher is overflowing; your clothes dryer is on the fritz; your refrigerator isn’t running. A malfunctioning appliance can turn your home upside down, and worse, cause more damage than some dirty dishes. So, we trust that when we call a business calling itself “A Plus Appliance Repair” or “Rescue Appliance,” that we’ll get a competent repair person who can fix what’s wrong. (please scroll for video)

But that’s not what was happening in Cincinnati, according to a lawsuit filed by the Ohio Attorney General. The suit claims Terry Haynes was taking payment from prospective customers, then never delivering on the repairs.

“After accepting money from consumers,” Ohio AG Mike DeWine claims, “Haynes allegedly failed to deliver the promised services or did repair work that was shoddy or incomplete.” The lawsuit is seeking reimbursement for those customers as well as a permanent injunction to stop any future violations of consumer protection laws.

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“Please watch the following video on a recent appliance repair scam that’s been going on for many years,” says  John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.

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