Big Projects Let Architects Flex Creative Muscles

Big Projects Let Architects Flex Creative Muscles | #ESC_LLC #Construction #Architect #Support | There’s plenty of work to be had by the region’s architectural firms. Medical and assisted living centers are popping up throughout the area. Schools are looking to bring their classrooms into a new era of education. Buildings are being repurposed and new-construction projects are churning. (Please scroll down for more)

Not all of the projects are glamorous. Something as simple as adding a wheelchair ramp requires checking and double-checking that it follows code and fits with the rest of the structure. Those are the projects that make up much of an architect’s work.

But that’s not to say their work is all mundane and monotonous. Every so often, a project springs up that allows architects to play with new ideas, improve on older methods and have fun.

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Architects, Professional Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Others in Construction are Invited to Learn About ESC’s Engineering Support Services Group

Architects have a difficult job where it comes to assembling a specification on additional fire alarm, access control, security, video and other building systems. When assumptions are made, based on inaccurate information submitted by owners, electrical contractors, and others, it all too often results in the composition of one or more addendums which pushes deadlines back and adds to the overall cost of the project.

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Engineering and Support Services Group (ESSG),  a special division within Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC), specializes in providing feet-on-the-ground support for Architects, Electrical Engineers (EE’s), Professional Engineers (PE’s), and others associated with Construction.

“ESC provides back office support by visiting job sites to take inventory and thereby assure that the equipment on site and what you intend to add to your blueprint and specifications match up,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “We can save you a ton of time and effort, not to mention manpower pumping out addendums as others in the trade make their discoveries known to you. Give us a try and we’ll show you what we can do.”

To find out more about ESC’s ESSG division, call 614-754-1393, email,  or visit our ESSG web page: