Broken sprinkler causes flood in FH apartments

Sprinkler damage (image)Broken sprinkler causes flood in FH apartments | #ESC_LLC #SprinklerSaves #Maintenance #Flooding | Residents relocated while repairs are made (Kelby Wingert,

The broken sprinklers flooded several units on three floors, filling the apartments with ankle-deep water.

Thorson said the fire sprinkler system had recently been worked on.

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Why Routine Inspections are Necessary

“The first reason why it’s a good idea to visually inspecet all the sprinkler heads in your facility relates to what you just read in the news item above,” says John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner. “Sprinkler companies, like ESC, must be certified by the State of Ohio and factory trained in order to get it right.”

According to Section 5.2.1, entitled Sprinklers, of NFPA 25, which is a national fire code, calls for a visual yearly inspection of all fire sprinklers. If you see leakage, corrosion,  physical damage, or if someone has inadvertently painted one or more, you need to call your sprinkler company to replace them.

contact info for Al Colombo, ESC media director (image)In the case above where the sprinkler heads were in an attic, if that space is accessible, they need to be inspected. However, according to Section, if that space is concealed, then they do not have to be inspected visually.

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