Check your Smoke Alarms (if you didn’t do it)

Replace those batteries! (image)
Replace those batteries!

State Fire Marshal: Time to check fire alarms | #ESC_LLC | This past Sunday, Ohioans moved their clocks forward one hour, now they should also check to see if potentially life-saving devices in their home have expired – their smoke alarms (recordherald).

Along with making sure all smoke alarms have a fresh set of batteries, checking the expiration date is crucial to practicing sound fire safety.

“One person lost in a house fire is one too many, but we’re continuing to see more than 100 Ohioans die every year,” said State Fire Marshal Kevin S. Reardon. “In so many of these tragic cases, there are no working smoke alarms present. These life-saving devices can be the first warning sign of a fire, so it’s incredibly important to have an adequate number of smoke alarms in your home.”

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