Child at center of Ohio mass killing is safe, family says

Child at center of Ohio mass killing is safe, family says | #TpromoCom #Child #Shooting #Safety | On Wednesday afternoon, Wagner’s father, another of the suspects, agreed to return to Ohio following his arrest in Kentucky. George “Billy” Wagner III was arrested after being found in a horse trailer in Lexington Tuesday. The 47-year-old Wagner waived his rights to an extradition hearing in a brief appearance Wednesday in Lexington district court.

The announcement of Wagner’s arrest along with his wife and two adult sons marked the culmination of a massive investigation that began after seven adults and a teenage boy were found shot in the head at four separate rural Ohio homes in April 2016. The killings terrified Ohio residents and spawned rumors that it was a drug hit, but prosecutors suggested Tuesday the attack had stemmed from a custody dispute. (Please scroll down)

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