Columbiana takes steps with pedestrian alley

Typical side alley in Columbiana, Ohio (image)

Columbiana takes steps with pedestrian alley | #ESC_LLC #Backflow #Health #CodeCompliance | Now that the city’s new water plant is online, Willard said they believe they can support the program. Many cities throughout the state have the program, which will require the resident to install a separate meter and a mandatory backflow preventer.

A certified plumber will have to perform the installation of the meter and backflow preventer, which will need to be tested by a licensed plumber annually. So, even though there are some residents that are interested in the program, it has a substantial investment to become part of it.

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What’s a ‘Backflow Preventer’?

fire sprinkler valve (image)“A backflow preventer, also known as a check valve, is designed to prevent water from the outgoing side from filtering back into the water supply,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “In like manner, a backflow device is required in each and every sprinkler system in order to prevent stagnant water from inside that system from filtering back into the water supply.”

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