Dayton resident stunned after armed suspects caught on camera breaking into his home

Dayton resident stunned after armed suspects caught on camera breaking into his home | #ESC_LLC #Home #VideoSurveillance #Camera | “The present world of video door cameras has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities in so far as catching unaware burglars is concerned,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.

If you know anything that can help with the investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP.

Terry Roberts is a mobile mechanic who said he was on his way to pay his property taxes when he got an alert. When he checked the video, he saw three people kicking in his door, including at least one who had a gun.

“I don’t know what you came for or what you were looking for,” he said. “I hope you got it, and hope you don’t come back. Please, don’t come back.”

John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC

“Mr. Roberts needs to be made aware of the fact that many times these criminals will return to the scene of the first crime in order to commit a second,” says Larkin. “I’m sure that the officers who responded to his call for assistance has made him aware of it.”

Door cameras are WiFi connected systems that not only capture and store images of those within it’s view, but they’ll also alert the homeowner that there’s activity outside his door. In this case, Mr. Roberts received notice of the issue on his smartphone while he was driving.

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Commercial and Institutional

ESC can offer the same type of notification in commercial and institutional settings by way of a video surveillance system. Cameras can be programmed to watch for intrusions into specific areas, such as on the inside of a chain-link fence. A good example of this is inside an impound lot or in a confined outdoor space where there are expensive heat pumps and air conditioning condenser units.

“We have network intelligent cameras that allow us to perform facial recognition if necessary. We also have cameras that will read license plates as cars come and go on and off the road,” says Larkin. We have expensive camera systems that have all the bells and whistles, as well as more economically-oriented camera systems that will still do a wonderful job of documenting the bad guys in action.”

Not only will an ESC video surveillance system notify you of a potential theft, but it will save the images of the perpetrators on site as well as in an ESC cloud processing and data retention facility. Don’t take a chance. Call ESC today for a no-obligation facility inspection and estimate. Call 614-754-1393, email, or click here to visit our website.