El Paso Fire Department offers tips on maintaining fire extinguishers

ESC News (image)El Paso Fire Department offers tips on maintaining fire extinguishers | #ESC_LLC | With more people spending more time at home during the pandemic, El Paso #FireDepartment officials are reminding Borderland residents to maintain #fire #extinguishers at home (KVIA). https://wp.me/p97JNV-1rT

“Pay particular attention to the manner in which you buy your new fire extinguisher,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “The ABC type is the most likely selection for the home as well as offices and other commercial facilities. But there are others to choose from that  you need to be aware of. Using the right one is important for many reasons.”

Wyatt Schmidt with the El Paso Fire Department said individuals should buy a multipurpose extinguisher that can work for various types of fires. Check the gauge on the extinguisher once a month to ensure the gauge is sitting in the green zone. Have it inspected once a year by a professional. (read more)

To learn more about how to select the right fire extinguisher for your specific application: Click here (image)

If you’re still unsure of which fire extinguisher to purchase, contact an ESC professional at 614-754-1393, email ESC@tpromo.com or on the web http://bit.ly/2LkfvU1 or use the convenient contact form below: