Emergency & Exit Lighting–Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) sells, installs, services, and routinely inspects exit and emergency lights according to NFPA 101 under Section 7.9. From an inspection perspective,

According to NFPA 101, Section 7-9.3, ESC will conduct a functional test on every required emergency lighting system at 30-day intervals for not less than 30 seconds. In addition, we will conduct an annual test on every required battery-powered emergency lighting system for not less than 11/2 hours during which the equipment must be fully operational for the duration of that effort.

ESC also will do a visual inspection of all required exit signs, as covered by NFPA 101, 7-10.9.1, at intervals of no less than 30 days. In addition, ESC will conduct an annual test, under NFPA 72, 7-10.9.2, that includes the battery-operated emergency illumination source, where required in 7.10.4, in accordance with 7.9.3.