ESC Logo (image)Electronic Systems Consultants LLC of Greater Ohio now offers a unique Engineering Support Service that provides back office and on-site field support to Electrical Engineers (EEs), Architects, and Professional Engineers (PEs) to help prepare fire alarm written and blueprint design specifications.

Launched to help the Engineering and Architect community eliminate some of their current pain points, such as:

  • Pre-Bid RFI’s
  • Addendums
  • Bid date delays
  • Post-bid change orders

ESC utilizes its years of various fire alarm manufacture’s knowledge and industry insight to ensure our partners present clear and concise documents that provide detailed information for bidding. ESC services also provides project management to represent the client to see projects through from bid to close out.

“The motivation behind launching this new service was clear for ESC, to work with firms to help improve their own productivity by sharing our insight and knowledge on fire alarm systems and providing a service that will increase their profits along the way” says John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner.

Larkin has long considered what the fix might be to this problem and now here’s the answer:

INTRODUCING the ‘Engineering and Support Group’

John Larkin is the Senior Partner with ESC, an Ohio MBE. (image)

“I’d like to present to you a new division within ESC–called ‘Engineering and Support Services Group’ (#ESSG)–that is well equipped and ready to solve this problem for you. Long before a bid goes out, one of our highly-trained experts will inspect the job site, taking a complete inventory of key components needed in your work,” says Larkin. “Not only does it assure that your specification and one-line agrees, but it makes for a more professional and efficient bid process. It also eliminates a host of addendums, which I know must cost you a ton of money in time and effort.”

–John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner

Larkin’s company, comprised of well trained, factory certified, highly motivated technicians and NICET Certified Engineers, is prepared to assist you on your next project.

“Give us a call and let us prove how valuable ESC’s Engineering and Support Services can be,” says Larkin.

For more in-depth information on ESC’s Engineering and Support Group:  Click Here NOW! (Image)

To connect with an ESC Engineering and Support professional, call ESC at 614-754-1393, use our fast and handy contact form below, use our contact page, or send an email to John at