INTRUSION DETECTION–Effective facility security is built in three layers. The first layer consists of quality, hardened doors and windows; the second consists of quality, effective locks, preferably under the control of an electronic access control system. The third component involves detection, which comes into play when a criminal has somehow gotten through one of the first two.

Intrusion DetectionESC uses the finest in intrusion detection technology available. Door switches mounted to all perimeter doors provides the first layer of electronic protection. Motion detectors inside hallways, in rooms, and in special areas provides a second layer. Safes, drawers, cabinets, and special rooms also should be individually protected using a variety of specialized devices.

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  • DSC (Digital Security Controls)
  • Honeywell
  • SecuraKey


  • Outside and Inside Keypads
  • Panic/Hold-Up Buttons
  • Motion Detectors
  • Inside/Outside Siren Speakers
  • Alarm Control Panels
  • Central Station Monitoring