Outdoor Perimeter Protection–ESC provides fence protection in the advent of a breach. This type of application is important in a variety of settings, from industrial/commercial and institutional where it’s important to know when someone has climbed over, cut through, or dug under a fence to prison facilities where it’s important to know when an inmate has escaped.

Our firm has a long history in the installation and service of outdoor perimeter detection systems, such as underground seismic, long-distance microwave, passive infrared, and perimeter fence protection. Line-type fence protection systems assure that criminals do not climb or cut through fence fabric. Underground seismic sensor-type systems assure that they do not dig under fence lines as well.

Line-type not only allows ESC to detect cutting, but due to the nature of these technologies, our 12-hour central station operators are able to listen-in to the environment to determine if anyone is there. Combined with outdoor video surveillance, a zoned fence protection system enables us to also see criminals as they work to negate your perimeter.

You can count on ESC to use the latest top-of-the-line products in the protection of your facility.

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