ESC staff is made up of a diverse, talented, and technically skilled group of men and women who know the security and life-safety business as well or better than any other in the grand state of Ohio. With great pride and pleasure we present the current staff of Electronic Systems Consultants of Greater Ohio!

John Larkin – Senior Partner

John’s experience dates back to his military experience where he literally got his feet wet as a fireman. He moved through the ranks to become a fire inspector. Once out of the military, John grew his commercial customer base and sales teams with some of the larger companies in the fire alarm industry. Now John brings his vast knowledge to Electronic Systems Consultants.

With nearly three decades of industry experience, as John oversees the day-to-day management of both sales and customer development. John’s resume includes system design and consulting and has gained experience with industry giants Siemens and Simplex-Grinnell. John’s qualifications blend his industry experience and understanding of various systems and products to support ESC clients both large and small in commercial, industrial, and government markets.

You can reach John Larkin by calling 614-754-1393 or email him at

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Angie Moore – Office Manager

Angie brings her diverse customer service background to the position of Front Office Manager at Electronic Systems Consultants.

As a former award winning pastry chef, bakery owner and restaurant manager she prides herself on attention to detail in the customer service experience. Her passion for people and community service are integral to facilitating the needs of our customers and coordinating our staff, bringing you the best in fire and security service.

Scott Camps-Lead Fire Suppression Tech
 ESC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply for a job, contact ESC’s office at 614-754-1393 or email us at!
Wayne Clay-Technician
Greg Davis-Sr. System Sales Rep
Tim Risner – Lead Sprinkler Tech
ESC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply for a job, contact ESC’s office at 614-754-1393 or email us at!

Waqas Khalid, Fire & Security Tech

Al Colombo – Director of Social Media and Web Assets

You can reach Al Colombo at, call 614-585-2091 (Columbus, OH), 330-956-9003 (Canton, OH), or Skype: kc80cv.