False Alarms Earn Home and Business Owners Fines

False alarm fine stuns Cape Coral new #homeowner | #ESC_LLC #FalseAlarm #Fines | First-time homeowners are hit with a surprise bill. They said Cape Coral Police Dept. charged the for a false alarm on their new security system.

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Jessica Feickert moved to Cape Coral a few months ago with her 2-year-old son and fiance. It is their first home. For safety reasons, they got an alarm system with Xfinity.

Feickert told WINK News the installer said she needed to register the alarm with Lee County. However, the company told her it would register for them. Turns out that did not happen (click here).

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#Police say ‘never again’ after spending nearly $500K on false alarms | #ESC_LLC #FalseAlarm #Fines | 97 per cent of calls from alarm systems were false alarms. The Waterloo Regional Police Service spent nearly $500,000 sending officers to false alarm calls last year, according to new numbers from police.

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Officers received 5,060 alarm calls last year, and only three per cent of them were legitimate emergencies.

The problem is with both home and business security systems, said police administrator Kate Richardson (click here).

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John Larkin (image)Your Choice: False Alarm Fines or Routine Preventative Maintenance | #ESC_LLC #Maintenance #Fine | The fallout from a malfunctioning alarm system extends well beyond the facility it is supposed to guard and protect. Nuisance alarms will be punished by fines when their owners fail to maintain them properly. To find out more about routine maintenance and fire codes, call 614-754-1393 or http://bit.ly/2Ja6rje

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