Fire Burns Inside Commercial Building In Downtown Petaluma

Gamewell public fire pull box (image)#Fire Burns Inside Commercial #Building In Downtown #Petaluma | #ESC_LLC | The Petaluma Fire Department said the fire broke out at about 3:44 a.m. on the 120 block of Keller Street. Firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the first and second floors of the two-story building (CBS SF).

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John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

The problem that many fire authorities are up against is the fact that most city ordinances are written in such a manner that building owners only have to maintain their fire protection measures that were in effect when they built the structure. What this means, under most circumstances, as more and better fire detection and automatic fire fighting system become available, local fire inspectors are not able to mandate their use in older buildings.