ESC Logo (image)ESC not only installs and services fire detection systems of all kinds as well as automatic fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens, manufacturing, and other purposes, but we also provide a manual means where you can fight a fire where and when it begins–fire extinguishers.

If you own the property, or if  you are the renter, it’s your responsibility to see that the fire extinguishers in your controlled area are properly inspected and cared for. However, the person who does the inspection must be trained and certified to do the work.

“Persons training to become certified shall be permitted to perform maintenance and recharging of extinguishers under the direct supervision and and in the immediate presence of a certified person” (, NFPA 10).

“Certification requires that a person pass a test administered by an organization acceptable to the AHJ (, NFPA 10).”  

For more information, contact our office at 614-754-1393 or send us an email at ESC@Tpromo.Com.

Buy Your Fire Extinguishers From ESC

John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio (Image)
John Larkin, Senior Partner with
ESC of Greater Ohio

We carry all the common fire extinguishers, and if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll have it drop shipped the same day by the manufacturer. Here is a list of common models. To inquire about something else, contact our office at 614-754-1393 or send an email: ESC@Tpromo.Com.
Prices include state tax and shipping:

2.5 lb. ABC $55.25

5 lb. ABC $79.56
10 lb. ABC $140.34
K-Class $323.50
10 lb. CO2 $258.57
20 lb. CO2 $320.45
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If you have any questions, please use the handy form below. I look forward to serving your fire extinguisher needs. –John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner.


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