Fire Suppression–Sometimes merely detecting the presence of a fire in a building isn’t enough. A good example of this is large apartment buildings, restaurants, computer rooms, manufacturing, and others. Any environment in which there’s a high risk of fire, detection is not enough. In fact, it’s imperative in many cases that the fire be extinguished before it can spread.

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) is your first line of defense against the spread of fire in all kinds of buildings. We offer numerous automatic fire-fighting solutions, such as wet- and dry-type sprinkler systems, water deluge fire protection, as well as dry chemical releasing systems.


Famous NYC Bar The Dead Rabbit Is Open Again After July Kitchen Fire

New York City — FDNY is still investigating the fire but the devastation could have been significantly worse if a kitchen worker hadn’t stepped in. McGarry said every worker is trained to cut the gas in the building when a fire takes place… ( ”

Don’t leave your fire protection up to an employee. ESC’s kitchen restaurant fire suppression systems will automatically cut off the gas, disconnect the electric, and extinguish the fire,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.

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