Sprinklers Are an Effective Life-Saving Tool

Sprinklers Are an Effective Life-Saving Tool | #ESC_LLC #Sprinkler #Fire #NFPA | Fire Protection (Sprinkler) systems are of immense importance where it comes to life and death, not to mention the protection of important assets, including the structure itself. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) of Quincy, MA, sprinklers were most likely to be found in institutional occupancies such as nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons or jails (Sprinklers in Reported U.S. Fires during 2010 to 2014).

Because of the proliferation of fire codes throughout State and local government, institutional concerns, as mentioned above, and commercial businesses are required to comply. There are exceptions where sprinklers are not required, but where this is the case, there are other code-driven options that must be met.

The NFPA report cites the percentage of reported fires in the U.S. Where sprinklers were present. The numbers clearly show that where sprinklers exist, the rate of fire deaths is significantly lower than where they are not installed. In terms of all forms of constructions, only 10% of fire deaths occurred in facilities equipped with fire sprinklers.

67% Nursing homes and hospitals
56% — Prisons and jails
50% — Manufacturing
39% — Educational institutions
29% — Warehousing
27% — Public assembly
25% — Stores and offices
8% — Residential

The fact is, a significant number of people die in homes, which is where most of the fire deaths occur. For contrast, as you can see from the numbers above, only 8% of residential fires reported loss of life where fire sprinklers were installed in the home.

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Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
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