Fire starts at apartment after electric skateboard battery explodes

An electric skateboard battery that exploded caused a fire at an apartment complex (KBTX) By Adrienne DeMoss

#Fire starts at #apartment after electric skateboard #battery explodes | #ESC_LLC #SprinklerSaves | College Station firefighters responded to a fire at an apartment complex in the 2000 block of Holleman Drive, Monday afternoon (kbtx).

College Station Fire Department said an electric skateboard battery exploded while it was being charged, which started the fire. The sprinkler system turned on, keeping the fire from spreading CSFD said. (read more)

The purpose we’re releasing word of this news story is that it illustrates well the fact that a fire can start anywhere for almost any reasons–most of them totally unexpected by us. If you own an apartment building, like this one in Texas, and if it was built before sprinklers were required, you need to consider having them installed. The trouble and expense may well save a life. –John Larkin, Senior Partner, ESC of Greater Ohio.

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Automatic sprinkler systems often put out the fire or delay it until firefighters arrive. For more info, use the convenient contact form below: