Firefighters quickly douse kitchen stove fire

Fire Truck cab with light bar (image)
WKBN27 (logo/image)Firefighters quickly douse kitchen stove fire | #ESC_LLC | Several firetrucks were called to an apartment on Youngstown’s north side around midnight.

A stove caught fire in one of the units of this building on Fairgreen Avenue, which is right off 5th Avenue.

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John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

Kitchen fires are among the most common home fire sources in existence. I recall one day when I went to visit the home of a potential client, while speaking with him in the living room, we suddenly began to smell smoke. We both got up and headed toward the kitchen where the stove was ablaze. His elderly mother had walked away from the stove for a few minutes. We quickly put it out with a small fire extinguisher I had in the car. I didn’t sell the man a single thing, but I quite possibly saved his home from burning down! -John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner

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