Glass Door Smashed During Robbery Of Westlake Restaurant

Glass Door Smashed During Robbery Of Westlake Restaurant | #ESC_LLC #Robbery #Restaurant #Police | The Stonehouse Grill was broken into in the early morning hours. The suspect waltzed inside and stole cash from the restaurant. (Please scroll down)

An alarm was triggered at the Center Ridge Road restaurant at about 1 a.m. on November 5. When police arrived the glass door had been smashed and the suspect was gone.

Surveillance footage showed one person come into the restaurant through the smashed door. The suspect was inside for less than three minutes.

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Burglary is a series issue for Restaurants for several reasons, among which is the cash that usually sits either in the bottom of a cash register in preparation for the next day or in safe of some kind. Having a quality burglar alarm and video surveillance system assists all concerned in determining who it was that did the crime. Video surveillance data also can be used in a court of law by law enforcement to attain a conviction. It also can assist you, the  Restaurant owner in obtaining your property or cash back.

On the alarm side, effective security requires three layers of protection: 1) Outdoor 2) Perimeter 3) Interior.

“ESC understands your need for effective security. Let us show you how it’s done,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “We’ll orchestrate and install everything from outside chain link fence to the inside motion detectors in your facility.”

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