Hackers have found a vulnerability in the iPhone that cannot be fixed

iPhone data security vulnerability#Hackers have found a vulnerability in the #iPhone that cannot be fixed | #ESC_LLC #DataSecurity | Your mobile phone, usually a smartphone these days, are especially important from a security standpoint because they are often used to transact financial transaction online and in person. The vulnerability in the iPhone is especially troubling. –John Larkin

The problem was reported by Xu Hao, an information security researcher with the Pangu team, at the MOSEC 2020 conference held in Shanghai. According to Digitpol edition, the vulnerability in the chip was discovered for the first time. At the same time, the problem cannot be eliminated, since it concerns the embedded software.

To keep the devices secure, Apple has put many of the key encryption/decryption and secure storage functions into a SEP (Secure Enclave Processor) chip. It is used to store personal information, passwords, Apple Pay data, and biometrics. Its vulnerability is a serious problem for users, as it allows hackers to gain access to sensitive data and disclose personal information.

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