House catches fire after grilling mishap

House catches fire after grilling mishap, dayton247now (image)

#House catches #fire after grilling mishap | #ESC_LLC #GrillFire #GasGrill | A pleasant afternoon spent grilling on the back porch was turned upside down for a Dayton family when they stepped away from the grill for a moment and their porch caught fire (dayton247now).

District Fire Chief Chris Kinzeler said that crews were already in the area responding to an EMS call, so they were able to confirm the fire very quickly.

Crews arrived on the scene and quickly got a line down, working to save as much of the house as they could. (read more)

John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio (image)Grill fires and fires in kitchens are two of the most common sources of fire in homes across the United States. Having a quality, ready-to-use portable fire extinguisher in your kitchen is absolutely necessary to assure  that if a grease fire were to occur, you can readily and quickly extinguish it. Give ESC a call today for information on what of extinguisher to get. —John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner

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