How A Fire Suppression System Works


imageHow A #Fire Suppression System Works | #ESC_LLC #FireSystem #FireSuppression | Electronic Systems Consultants LLC prides itself on the quality of installation and ongoing service that our technicians provide each and every one of our clients.

We strive to not only install the most for the least (in terms of quality versus money), but we provide a followup service program that results in the finest care you will receive in the industry.

Our technicians are trained and certified by ProTex, the manufacturer of the kitchen fire suppression systems that ESC handles. This means you get the finest, most up-to-date technicians possible working on your system when you need  help. You are required to have your system worked on once a year, and we will perform your inspections yearly. We take care of everything, from the scheduling of your service imagecalls to providing you will a full service report, which Ohio and many local cities and others require.

Our fire suppression system, when installed in a commercial kitchen, will automatically disconnect all sources of fire, including gas and electric. We use electrically operated gas valves that will automatically close when a fire is detected, thus cutting off the gas supply. In the case of electric, we use electrical contactors that basically cut the power to your cooking appliances, just in case the source of the fire is electrical.

The following video explains  how a kitchen fire suppression system works and it covers some of the reasons why yearly service is necessary. Clogged detection lines is one of the potential problems that we check on a  yearly basis as well as the general condition of the nozzle caps, stainless cables, the pulley’s, fire pulls, etc.

If you have a commercial or institutional kitchen, you need an ESC fire suppression system because if a fire should occur in your equipment, you want ESC’s expertise there on the job to put it out as quickly as possible. Not only is our installation and service the finest in Ohio, but our pricing is spot on.

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