How Many U.S. Households Still Don’t Own Smart Home Device?

households with smart devices (image)

How Many U.S. #Households Still Don’t Own #Smart Home Device? | #ESC_LLC #SmartDevice | NPD Group reports that nearly two-thirds of U.S. market has not yet embraced smart home devices. Security cameras and video doorbells are most prevalent.

Market saturation? No way. According to the Home Automation Ownership & Usage Report from NPD Group’s Connected Intelligence, still just 35% of consumers report they own at least one type of smart device. That means there is still a large opportunity of untapped homes for integrators.

NPD defines a smart home device as security cameras, baby monitors, smart lighting, system controllers, smart locks, smart doorbells, smart garage door openers, smart power, smart sensors, item trackers, and home automation kits. across a portfolio of products.

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