How to Deter Robberies in a Convenient Store Setting

How to Deter Robberies in a Convenient Store Setting | #ESC_LLC #Robery #Crime #Police | There are all kinds of ways to discourage robberies in your convenient store. Probably one of the most significant ways to accomplish this is to install cameras in your store.

They should be quite visible to the assailant with a means of recording that is hidden and locked up. There also are services where video is sent to a video storage service over the Internet. This assures that if the robbers take your digital video recorder (DVR), they can still be caught on film, so to speak. (Please scroll down for more)

One camera should be facing the door through which the perpetrator(s) enter the store. Another camera should be set watching the count as well as the person on the other side. If money allows, a third camera should be positioned looking at the behind-counter view just in case the assailant enters that area from the side.

Covert cameras even come in the form of glasses that you can wear!

Camera placement of a fourth camera might include the isle in which you stock high-risk items. This camera is optional of course. Also where beer and liquor is made available to customers, just in case someone might try to hide one under his/her coat.

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