How to Prepare for an Active Shooter Situation

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From the desk of John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner.

How to Prepare for an Active Shooter Situation | #ESC_LLC #School #Outdoor #CrimePrevention #Neighborhood | ESC of Greater Ohio is your go-to premier installer for the Detect360 Gunshot Detection system, made by Johnson Controls, a trusted name in security and life safety.

“Does your local school have a gunshot detection system? How about the commercial parking lots where you shop, or your local neighborhood streets? Want to know more?” asks John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “The following paper offers insights into the operation and benefits associated with an ESC gunshot detection system, manufactured by Johnson Controls.”

Are you prepared for an active shooter situation?

Police cruiser (image)It’s a scenario no one wants to think about. An active shooter situation that almost instantly puts lives at risk. Yet all too often, this threat is very real – and growing. In 2017 – the most lethal year of mass shootings in modern U.S. history – there were 346 mass shootings,1 with two of the five deadliest incidents ever occurring within the span of just 35 days.2

In the context of this ever-increasing threat, having a gunshot detection system in place is no longer an “above and beyond” security solution. Rather, it’s an essential component of a comprehensive safety strategy.

Timely and precise information can help save lives

In an active shooter situation, it’s not an exaggeration to say that every second counts. That’s why having access to accurate information within seconds is so critical. The Detect360 system combines leading gunshot detection with advanced notification technology to provide immediate notification as soon as a shot is fired. That means law enforcement, onsite security personnel and building occupants alike can all be alerted to shooter activity as quickly as possible.

Immediate benefits when time is of the essence

Police and other first responders can:
• Be alerted to gunshot(s) anywhere on the premises where sensors are located
• Know where shots were fired and class of weapon used
• Trigger building alarms, emergency notifications and evacuation instructions
• Remotely view/monitor the situation through streaming audio and video
• Receive a clear and concise automated 911 call, even before human callers are able to safely call
• Client software allows emergency responders access to detailed situational information

How Detect360 Active Shooter Response works

Detect360 utilizes acoustic sensors consisting of multiple microphones, processing electronics and algorithms to detect gunshots. The system determines the sensor closest to the gunshot and displays the location within a map-based GUI. It can also display audio and video of the incident. In the event of a shooting, the customer can configure the system to automatically send

911 calls and SMS messages. This can prompt police and other first responders to respond even before the first eyewitness calls are made.

Law enforcement and other first responders can have access to sensor information as it develops at the scene through the Detect360 client software. The system is designed to support multiple integration options, including:
• Video feeds from existing CCTV and intrusion systems
• Mass Notification Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Panic button/manual initiation systems

An unparalleled dedication to life safety
and security

At Johnson Controls, we continually strive to provide our valued customers with the most advanced and reliable fire and life safety systems and services available. When you choose the Detect360 Active Shooter Response gunshot detection system, you can rest assured knowing you have a trusted and proven partner on your side.

Not only will you have access to the most innovative gunshot detection technology available — you’ll also benefit from Detect360‘s integration with your existing mass notification systems.

Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
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