Institutional and Commercial Smoke Detectors

Requirements For Testing and Inspection

#Institutional and #Commercial Smoke Detectors | #ESC_LLC #SmokeDetector #FireCode | Today we’re going to discuss the specifications surrounding the replacement of smoke detectors in commercial and institutional applications.

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These smoke detectors have no limits on how long you can keep them, providing you follow fire code (NFPA 72, Chapter 14, entitled ‘Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance.’). These smoke detectors are to be inspected semiannually, and then every five years for smoke detectors that have been in place for a time.

Semiannual tests are general go/no-go tests, usually using ‘canned smoke,’ which is a non-harmful spray that simulates smoke. Sensitivity tests, which are conducted with a special calibration testing device, also are to be conducted within one year of installation and every other year after that. After the second alternate testing, you can increase the time between sensitivity tests to every five years.

“ After the second required calibration test, if sensitivity tests indicate that the device has remained within its listed and marked sensitivity range (or 4 percent obscuration light gray smoke, if not marked), the length of time between calibration tests shall be permitted to be extended to a maximum of 5 years” (NFPA 72, Section, 2013 Edition).

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