ESC’s Senior Partner, John Larkin, has an enjoyable and somewhat profitable hobby: he’s a drummer in a band named “Shakin’ and Stirred!” John has been playing in bands for many years. 

“Fun time last night with my boys and the partying crowd at the Walrus, we will be back soon for part two,” says John Larkin. “The band has been together for the past 7 months, we have been gigging for the past 4 months.”

John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner, will be drummin’ this weekend at Fenders in Westerville, Ohio. “I’d love to see as many of my social media friends as possible. The boys and I will be doing our thing on the 4th of May at Fenders, a hot spot in Westerville, Ohio,” says John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner.

Visit the band’s Facebook Page!

The following are action shots from a gig at the Walrus in Columbus.