Routine Fire Alarm Inspections Are an Absolute Necessity

fire alarm being tested (image)Fire alarm systems are like everything else that’s man made–they must be inspected, tested, and serviced regularly in order to assure proper operation when they’re needed most!  The following is an example of a hotel where the fire alarm did not operate properly. Please follow the link and review the news story on the other end, then come back for some additional thoughts before I conclude…

Best Western hotel huon (image)Port Huron Twp. hotel to open after fixing fire alarm system | Keep your fire alarm system up to date and regularly maintained. Don’t let this happen to you!

Aside from the danger to life safety when you fail to maintain  your fire alarm system, there’s also the issue of fines, as when you fail to prevent false and  unwanted alarms.

John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

“The fallout from a malfunctioning alarm system extends well beyond the facility it is supposed to guard and protect. Evidence of this fact is everywhere you go as every community of any size has or is routinely creating false alarm fines, some of them substantial for repeat offenders,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner, ESC of Greater Ohio. “Burglar or fire alarm makes no matter, false alarms due to malfunctions are not tolerated by local communities any longer.”

exit signage (image)The fact is, as the owner or maintenance superintendent of your building(s), the responsibility to see that these fire alarms are are in working order falls on you. Yes, ESC, for instance, will do all we can to remind you when it’s time to do one, but you must make the effort to engage with a reputable fire alarm company such as Electronic Systems Consultants.

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