Electricity Problems Are Bigger in Texas

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Electricity Problems Are Bigger in Texas | #ESC_LLC #Electricity #ElectricalPower #Texas | “We in Ohio should be grateful that our power grid holds up as well as it does, given the range of temperatures and other climatic issues that we often experience,” says John Larkin. “Texas was a disaster this winter and a lot of people suffered. One little boy, as discussed in the early part of this story, died because the temperature in him home dropped below freezing.” (theregreview) https://wp.me/p97JNV-1uu

Texas has operated its own electricity grid for decades, and it has previously encountered power outages, rolling blackouts, and a grid fundamentally unequipped for cold weather. Yet state regulators—despite previous experience—largely missed the signs that made this winter storm particularly devastating for many Texans.

Texas is currently the only state in the country with its own independent electricity grid. Following the passage of the Federal Power Act—which gave federal regulators the authority to oversee electricity sales that crossed state lines—Texas utility companies banded together to create an independent grid within the state’s borders to avoid federal regulation and interference.

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