How Long Do Rechargeable Gel Cell Batteries Last in a Fire Alarm System?

John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

In your fire/burglar alarm system lurks several rechargeable batteries. These batteries are given a life expectancy of five years by their manufacturers. However, truth be known, they routinely reach half capacity within the first three years of use. What this means is that your rechargeable battery system will only support the operation of your system for half of what fire code requires when there’s a power outage.

Environmental conditions can influence the life expectancy of these precision devices. A good example of this is the storage of two or more batteries inside a closed box in a hot utility room. Ventilation can mean a lot when it comes to battery life.

So what’s the answer?

fire alarm panel (image)
Fire alarm panels provide notification and they alert a central station.

In this case, after the second year of use, you really need to have your fire alarm service company check them every year just to make sure they’re up to capacity.

ESC uses modern computerized battery testers to verify battery condition. We check our client’s batteries every time we conduct an inspection.

If someone else installed your system, you can still have the professionals at ESC service your fire alarm. We also offer 24/7 Central Station and Supervising Station monitoring through our UL-Listed monitoring station. Our central station is second to none–let us prove it to you.

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