More than $1,000 worth of tools stolen from construction worker

More than $1,000 worth of tools stolen from construction worker | #ESC_LLC #Construction #Police #Video | A Columbus construction worker is searching for stolen tools and equipment he says were taken from his Southwest Columbus home, and hoping someone recognizes a suspect caught on a neighbor’s security camera.  

Video Surveillance is a popular and effective way to catch a burglar in the act.

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Security is an important part of everyone’s life whether it’s in the workplace, at the mall, on the street, or at home. Having someone pilfer your truck, taking your tools–tools that you use for your livelihood–is something that most of us never expect to happen. Well, it happens every single day of the week. The question is, what can you do about it?

John Larkin, ESC

“One of the things that you, as a homeowner, can do to make your home safer, is to install quality doors and deadbolt locks to assure that criminals have to work hard to get in,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio.

Where it comes to your truck and the tools that you have, there are auto alarms that will detect vibration in the vehicle so that when someone begins breaking into your tool boxes and such, it will warn you of the situation.

Signage that warns of video surveillance is important in retail for two reason: 1) crime prevention, and 2) legal issues.

“ESC does not handle car alarms, but you can buy them at a decent price off the Internet,” says Larkin. “On the other hand, if you feel the need for more security at your business, ESC can certainly help. We provide security solutions that will help protect your investment when you leave for the day. We’ll even let you know when a breakin occurs, in addition to capturing a quality photograph of the perpetrator for police investigators to work with.”

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