Ohio Fire Code: What businesses need to know

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From the desk of John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner.
Ohio Fire Code: What businesses need to know | #ESC_LLC #FireCode #Commercial #Business | “Fire code, whether it’s in Ohio or some other state, is an important part of doing business. The fact is, unless you follow fire code for your city and state, you won’t be in business for long,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants LLC of Greater Ohio.

Portions of the 2017 Ohio Fire Code have been updated and the changes became effective Jan. 5. Through this workshop, businesses will be updated on the current codes and gain insight into what inspectors look for and why during inspections. The goal is for businesses to keep employees and customers safe. The workshop will also include a tour and discussions regarding fire safety followed by a question and answer period.

Lt. Curtis Kyer of the Cumberland Trail Fire District No. 4 will be the workshop presenter. Kyer started his career in the Morristown Volunteer Fire Department in 1995 and has been full-time at Cumberland Trail for 21 years. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2012. He is also a fire instructor and heads the Fire Prevention Program for the district ever year in October for Fire Prevention Week.

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fire extinguisher work (image)Sprinklers Are an Effective Life-Saving Tool | #ESC_LLC #Sprinkler #Fire #NFPA | Fire Protection (Sprinkler) systems are of immense importance where it comes to life and death, not to mention the protection of important assets, including the structure itself. According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) of Quincy, MA, sprinklers were most likely to be found in institutional occupancies such as nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons or jails (Sprinklers in Reported U.S. Fires during 2010 to 2014). http://bit.ly/31MNlFW

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Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
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