Portable Fire Extinguishers & OSHA Requirements

Portable Fire Extinguishers & OSHA Requirements | #ESC_LLC #Fire #OSHA #FireCode #LifeSafety | Workplace safety hinges on having code-compliant fire extinguishers installed throughout all working spaces. Without them, if a fire occurs, injury and death can quickly occur, in addition to undo loss of property.

In this first of several installments related to proper fire extinguisher installation, care, and maintenance, we’re featuring an OSHA mandate on installation requirements. We’re providing links to each CFR reference cited for your convenience.

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An employer must:

  • Provide portable fire extinguishers and mount, locate, and identify them so that they are readily accessible to employees without subjecting the employees to possible injury. [29 CFR 1910.157(c)(1)]
  • Use only approved portable fire extinguishers. [29 CFR 1910.157(c)(2)]
  • Do not use portable fire extinguishers that use carbon tetrachloride or chlorobromomethane extinguishing agents. [29 CFR 1910.157(c)(3)]
  • Assure that portable fire extinguishers are maintained, fully charged, operating properly, and kept in designated places at all times except during use. [29 CFR 1910.157(c)(4)]
  • Remove from service all soldered or riveted shell self-generating soda acid or self-generating foam or gas cartridge water type portable fire extinguishers that are operated by inverting the extinguisher to rupture the cartridge or to initiate an uncontrollable pressure generating chemical reaction to expel the agent. [29 CFR 1910.157(c)(5)]

    ESC will publish more quick tips on the installation, care, and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. In the mean time, if you have questions that you need answered now, please call our office at 614-754-1393, email us at ESC@tpromo.com, or use the convenient contact form below. Thank you! –John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner

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    Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director
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