The New Normal: Touch-Free Access Control

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The demand for a touch-free access solution, also referred to as contactless access, certainly isn’t new. But it’s become almost a necessity since the emergence of COVID-19. In fact, for decades, the industry has made touch-free readers available, along with a growing number of inventive, contactless credentials that allow users to enter a building without making physical contact with a reader or keypad.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the options that electronic access control (EAC) users have available in terms of recent innovations as well as more-traditional means of contactless access. We’ll look particularly at electronic locks equipped with smartphone integration. We also will look at best practices for implementing smartphones as credentials in new and existing EAC systems.

The EAC market has gravitated to touch-free access solutions for some time. Up until recently, the motivation primarily has been convenience, which is a huge motivator for manufacturers and end users.

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The New Normal: Touch-Free Access Control (image)