What it takes to install a fire alarm system in Ohio

One of the most devastating tragedies to occur in a commercial facility is that of a catastrophic fire.

John Larkin, Sr. Partner (image)
John Larkin, Sr. Partner

“The total destruction of a business not only cripples the business itself, but it interrupts the livelihood of employees, managers, and owners. Not only that, but it can adversely affect the health of those who go through such a fire, often killing as it goes,” says ESC Senior Partner and fire expert John Larkin,

If you’re a business owner and you’re considering the purchase of a new fire alarm system, there are many things to consider, among which are the many requirements specific to your application as mandated by fire code—both State and Local.

“If you’re located in Ohio, ESC can assist you in determining what the mandated requirements are for your business,” says Larkin. “I mean, there’s a huge difference in what’s required for a restaurant versus an industrial plant, or a school versus a church.”

John Larkin (left) on the job (image)
John Larkin examining the details behind a new 142-head fire sprinkler system on the ’44 N. High’ project.

The other consideration are the many components required in order to meet code requirements. A good example of this is Assembly Group A occupancies. Fire code calls for the installation of a “manual” fire alarm system when the occupant load is 300 or more, which means the use of manual fire pulls at all points of exit discharge. However, when there’s an automatic sprinkler systems installed, manual fire pulls may not be necessary, although the customary notification appliances are.

The way fire code is written, and the manner in which local municipalities have adopted it into their own local rules, all newly installed fire alarm systems must be submitted to a local plans examiner for his or her detailed inspection. If the blueprints and specifications meet with the plans examiner, then you’ll be invited to proceed with the project.

According to Larkin, you can learn more about what it takes to install a fire alarm system in your specific occupancy Group in Ohio, by calling 614-754-1393. “Ask for assistance and either I or one of our expert staff will be happy to chat with you.”

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