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John Larkin Featured in Facility Executive Magazine on Access Control & Visitor Management.

In the 2017 June issue of Facility Executive Magazine, John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants LLC of Greater Ohio, was featured in Facility Executive magazine, an end user publication. We present it now because of the benefit it may have for those who plan to install an access control system. –Al Colombo

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The story is about the connection between access control and visitor management. Larkin is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on both issues.

John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio (image)“Access control is very popular in large corporate environments as well as government settings. One of the reasons is that it provides a means whereby only pre-qualified individuals can automatically enter without special, individualized attention. It also assures that there’s an audit trail after the fact for security personnel to follow when an event occurs that requires further investigation,” says Larkin.

John has many, many years in engineering design work and project management where he’s been instrumental in the design and installation of many access control and visitor management systems. There was a day when both of these functions required totally different subsystems in a facility, but not anymore.

electronic lock (image)“Today both access control and visitor management resides within a single system. Not only does this reduce the overall cost associated with ownership, but it streamlines the process of creating photo badges as well as the credentials that both regular employees and visitors require to come and go during the time they spend in your facility,” says John.

Another benefit that comes from consolidation of access and visitor management is the use of a data processing center in the cloud. Here the main host servers and data storage resides in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution.

Not only does this reduce your initial up-front cost, but it assures that when more processing power is needed, or when it’s time to scale back, the cost of doing so lies with someone else. Not only that, because the PaaS solution belongs to someone else, the bill for maintenance, upgrades, support and other issues is no longer your concern.

Allan Colombo, ESC Media Director

To read this informative article: go to http://bit.ly/2sgn7vx. To discuss the need for access or visitor management in your own facility, call John at 614-754-1393, or use our contact form below.