Why More Than 8,000 Restaurants Catch Fire Every Year

Why More Than 8,000 Restaurants Catch #Fire Every Year | #ESC_LLC #Restaurant #Kitchen | Grease fires, gas leaks, and faulty wiring lead to more than $200 million in property damage annually.

Bruno Serato ignored the call that came through to his cellphone one night after 4 a.m. The French-born Italian chef had worked until midnight and was too exhausted to pick up. The caller left a voicemail, which struck him as unusual. He sat up and played it. According to the brief message, there was a fire at Anaheim White House, the restaurant in Southern California he had run for nearly 30 years. “I thought it was a joke,” Serato says.

It was a busy weekend at the restaurant with a string of more busy weekends on the horizon, and Serato wasn’t inclined to drive 30 miles round-trip for a prank. But once it became clear that the call was serious, he drove to Anaheim at top speed.

From a mile away, Serato could see smoke and the lights of firetrucks. Road closures forced him to park his car far from the premises and sprint towards the scene. “Stupid things come to your mind,” he says. “I was thinking I could save it.”

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