Kitchen fire temporarily shuts down Arab restaurant

Kitchen fire temporarily shuts down Arab restaurant | #ESC_LLC #Restaurant #Fire #Kitchen | The back half of the kitchen at L’Rancho is nearly destroyed after the downtown Arab restaurant caught fire one week after Thanksgiving.  The owners told WAAY 31 all L’Rancho employees, themselves included, aren’t making money while the restaurant’s closed. (Please scroll down for more)

“We’ve got employees that are out of work right here at Christmas time. That really counts on my heart a lot,” Pardue said.

Pardue told WAAY 31 the restaurant does have some insurance, but they’re not sure how much it will cost to clean up, make repairs, and restock. To read the remainder of this news story, click here.

Crippling Restaurant Fires are Costly and Unnecessary | #ESC_LLC #Restaurant #Kitchen #Fire | “In a properly installed kitchen suppression system, a fusible link in the hood automatically shuts the gas and electrical appliances off the second a fire is detected,” says Ivra Bassett II, ESC’s restaurant expert. A restaurant kitchen fire is costly because of lost revenue during the clean up and rebuilt. It’s also costly to the employees who are now out of work. ESC can minimize the damage. Call 614-754-1393 or visit

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