Loveland restaurant reopens after devastating 2017 fire

Loveland restaurant reopens after devastating 2017 fire | #ESC_LLC #Restaurant #Fire #Business | Loveland restaurant is back in business after a massive fire forced him to close Tano’s in 2017. “A kitchen fire in a commercial restaurant can close an establishment down for months or even more than a year until it can be rebuilt,” says Ivra Bassette, Restaurant Consultant with ESC of Greater Ohio. “Not only do the employees suffer because of the loss of income, but so does the restaurant owner. This is why it’s important to have a quality fire suppression installed in your kitchen.”

A quality, well-installed fire suppression system has the ability to shut off all electrical and gas-fired equipment, such as range tops, ovens, and fryers. Fusible links are installed inside specialized kitchen appliances as well as inside range  hoods and ductwork.

“To find out more about kitchen fire suppression systems, we have an informative video on one of our past weblog articles,” says Bassette. “To review the video, click here.”

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