Not All Smoke Alarms Are the Same

Photo Credit: Al Colombo -FireFighters after fighting a house fire in Circleville, Ohio (image)

Middleburg Heights city logo (image)Not All Smoke Alarms Are the Same | #ESC_LLC #SmokeAlarms #FireAlarm #LifeSafety | According to the North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association, almost four decades of research has shown that the most popular smoke alarm, which is in 90% of homes in America, is failing at an alarming rate (middleburgheights).

Photoelectric smoke alarms are MUCH faster at detecting smoldering fires, the most common and deadly type of house fires. They are designed to detect smoke from smoldering fires faster than ionization alarms and are comparable in performance in fast flame fires to ionization alarms. (read more)

John Larkin (image)“Ionization smoke alarms are designed to detect a relatively smaller particle of smoke than what you find in a typical home environment,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Greater Ohio. “They do not work as well because a residential fire usually involves flaming materials that emit a heavy, large smoke particulate. Because of how photoelectric smoke alarms are designed, they will generally detect faster than ionization models.”

ESC provides fire alarm installation and service. (image)
ESC provides fire alarm installation and service.